Sesterce vs. Tricount vs. Splitwise: comprehensive guide to choose the right application

Choosing the right expense management application is pivotal in today's collaborative financial landscape, or for personal budget tracking. Sesterce, Tricount, and Splitwise are three popular applications, each bringing its own set of features and functionalities to the table. Let's delve into a detailed analysis to discern which application stands out.

User Ratings on Stores

Sesterce boasts impressive user ratings on both the Play Store and the App Store reflecting its popularity and positive reception among users. Tricount also holds strong ratings, while Splitwise lags behind on both stores.

Registration Process

Sesterce provides a user-friendly experience with no mandatory registration, allowing users to dive into expense management without any initial hurdles. Tricount shares this approach, whereas Splitwise requires mandatory registration.

Additionally, Sesterce offers an authenticated mode that enables complete data recovery across all devices. It comes in quite handy if you misplace yours!

Transaction Limits per Day

Sesterce and Tricount offer flexibility with no limits on the number of transactions added per day. However, Splitwise imposes limitations on the free version.

Screenshot of the group's balance within sesterce


Sesterce takes a user-centric approach by excluding advertisements, ensuring a seamless and distraction-free experience. In contrast, both Tricount and Splitwise incorporate ads, impacting the overall user experience.

Currency Conversion

All three platforms - Sesterce, Tricount, and Splitwise - facilitate currency conversion, catering to users dealing with diverse international transactions.

On the other hand, Sesterce gives you the option to manually adjust the exchange rate or allow the app to set it to the current value. Furthermore it's possible to select the exchange rate for each operation, very convenient for a group that lasts a long time, despite exchange rate fluctuations.


Sesterce provides free access to graphs and statistics, offering users valuable insights into their spending patterns. Tricount and Splitwise also offer this feature, but they require a paid subscription.

Types of Operations

Sesterce stands out by allowing users to manage not only expenses but also income and transfers between group members. This comprehensive approach distinguishes it from Tricount, which primarily focuses on expenses, and Splitwise, which lacks income management.

Expense Categorization

Sesterce shines in expense categorization with a fully customizable system, enabling users to tailor categories to their specific needs. Tricount allows the addition of categories, while Splitwise lacks customization.

CSV Export/Import

Sesterce provides free CSV export and supports CSV import, facilitating seamless data management. Tricount charges for CSV export, and neither Tricount nor Splitwise supports CSV import for users seeking enhanced data control.

Moreover, you can import CSV file from Tricount or Splitwise or any other application, using Sesterce. You can even use your own spreadsheet.

Web application

Sesterce and Splitwise offer a web application, allowing users to manage their expenses conveniently on both mobile and desktop platforms. It enables users who do not wish to download the mobile app to gain access to a group.. Tricount, on the other hand, is limited to mobile applications.


In conclusion, Sesterce emerges as a powerful contender for individuals and groups seeking a versatile, customizable, and user-friendly expense management platform. Its combination of features, lack of advertisements, and flexible operation options make it a standout choice.

While Tricount and Splitwise cater to specific needs, Sesterce excels at providing a personalized financial management experience.