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Track your expenses

Create your group of expenses with your partner, friends, colleagues, roommates, etc.

Two screenshots showing the expenses management within Sesterce

See everyone's balance

Add your expenses, and the app will compute the balance automatically

Screenshot of the group's balance within sesterce

Share with your friends

Everyone can keep track of their expenses on the web or within the app. You can also export all your expenses within a table.

Screenshot about members group management within Sesterce

And many other features…

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No email requires

You can use Sesterce without creating an account

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Password protected

Group access can be password-protected

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Statistics by category

Find all your expenses, sorted by categories


ldm d**'s profile picture

ldm d**

Excellent app. Very useful for every one.
Playstore - Jan 9, 2022

Stefano's profile picture

Stefano P****

just the app i was looking for! easily monitor expenses in a group of people and keep track of who owes how much and to who
Playstore - Dec 18, 2021


How can I create a group and add members on Sesterce?

You can create a group from the Web or mobile app. You can add members without having them create an account.

How to share my group with others?

Every group has its own identifier. With it and the associated password, everyone can join the group.

Is Sesterce free?

We think everyone should be able to share expenses for free and easily. Some advanced features are available within the Premium package.

Why use Sesterce?

Sesterce is free for most of its features. You don't even have to create an account to use Sesterce.
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