Shared accounts with your friends
For a trip, a shared house/flat or for life

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Complex accounting operations made as simple as possible


Let the application compute the amount everyone spent


Anyone can retrieve projects, add expenses or check their balance on their own device


Keep your data saved online and retrieve it on all your devices


No email or personal information required!


Every project can be protected with a password

Accessible in your browser

Use the website to check your accounts from anywhere



Our mobile applications have been designed to be used even without an internet connection!

Not using an Android or iOS device? Don’t worry, our website can be used from any device (computer, tablet, phone)


Frequently Asked Question

How to create a new project and add participants?

You can create a project either on the web or in the mobile app. Multiple participants can be added to a new project, even if they don’t have an account.

Many applications are doing this, why should I use yours?

We still believe there is an opportunity for an application focused on design and usability without sacrificing the functionalities.

I’m missing a feature to really enjoy Sesterce, what can I do?

We are listening to our users. The highest the demand for a feature, the more likely we will develop it.

How can I share a project with others?

Each project got his own id. On mobile you can export a local project to share with others. With this project id, and the password, you can import the project from anywhere.

Where does the name come from?

Sesterce was an ancient Roman coin. It was one of the most famous money system. So will be our application Sesterce.

Is it free?

We believe that everyone should be able to use the app for a trip with their friends without having to pay anything.
We are focusing today on delivering the best experience for the largest audience, not on monetization.

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