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You might be looking for one specific operation as you add many of them within your group. Thanks to the search, you can easily filter your list to find what you are looking for.

The feature includes multiple filters you can use:

  • Title or comment: operations that contains all the typed terms, separated by a space
  • Dates (Premium): operations with a date between the minimal and maximal selected dates
  • Category (Premium): operations with a category within the selected one, or none if none is selected
  • Type of operation (Premium): operations which are either Expense, Income and/or Transfer between members
  • Paid by (Premium): operations with one of the financier within the selected member
  • Spent by (Premium): operations with one of the spender within the selected member
  • Image (Premium): operations with image, or not
How to do it?

From the application:

  1. Click on the pencil at the top right of the list of group operations
  2. Click on "Search"

The feature is only available on Android and iOS, with the most recent version of the mobile application.