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Release Notes

List the features included on each new version of the application/website. This list does not mention the bug fixes.

Except if marked explicitly, the features are free and available on all platforms.

2.13 (July 2023)

Android only

  • Add Premium purchase for a given user, giving Premium to all their groups!
  • Add ability to duplicate a group
  • Add ability to duplicate an operation to another group
  • Better display of groups when only one member


  • Add definitive deletion of groups from within the mobile app
  • Better support for currencies without hundredth, or with thousandth
  • Fix bugs reported by users

2.12 (November 2022)


  • New flow to create and edit your operation, faster than ever!

2.11 (August 2022)


  • Added the History, to access all your recent modification

2.10 (June 2022)


  • Added the Search, to be able to find previously added operations
  • Added operation list per category from the statistic screen

2.9 (February 2022)

Premium, on mobile

  • Added the Push notifications, to be notified when a new operation is created within one of your group


  • Statistics: additional filter to see upcoming operation impact in the budget

2.8.10 (November 2021)

All platform

  • Added the "comment" section within operations


  • Let the user choose to use the Dark or Light mode
  • Added Android Shortcut to access your groups quickly

2.8 (August 2021)


  • Create recurring operations, like your rent
  • Attach pictures to your operation, perfect for your receipts as a purchase proof (Premium feature)

2.7 (March 2021)

All platform

  • The amount keyboard is now including a real calculator!
  • Added stats on how much money you really took out of your pocket
  • Added a not-optimized refund mode to refund only when you have joint operations


  • Added the Dark Mode (for compatible devices)

2.6 (December 2020)

All platform

  • You can now link your groups with your email and retrieve them on all your devices without remembering their IDs!

2.5 (August 2020)

All platform

  • On top of expenses, you can now track your income and money received by your group (sell, refunds, etc.).
  • Refunds, now called Transfers between Members, were updated to be more visible within your list of operations!
  • Access the Balance Detail to understand why you owe or are owed money.
  • The Statistics screen has been updated as well to compare income and expenses and hide the refunds for more accurate information.

2.4 (April 2020)

All platform

  • Multiple currencies: your group can contain expenses in different currencies!
  • Default shares: define the share for each member to be applied on all new expenses

2.3 (January 2020)

All platform

  • Edit the refund mode (rounded or not, centralized on someone or not)
  • Put a fixed amount for someone instead, or on top, of a share
  • Have expenses up to 999 million in your currency

2.2 (November 2019)

All platform

  • Custom parts, all the freedom you need to choose which split of the bill you want to pay

2.1 (October 2019)

All platform

  • Multi-financier mode: more than one member can pay for the others.

2.0 (June 2019)

All platform

  • Completely new design!