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Sesterce offers a great set of features for free. For the more advanced ones, we ask for a contribution through a Premium purchase.

You can upgrade your group to Premium within your iOS or Android application.

The terms of services are available here:


When you purchase Premium it will unlock the following capabilities:

More Premium features are coming.


Group Premium

You are able to purchase Premium for a given group, giving access to those capabilities to all members of this group.

You are purchasing Premium for a specific amount of time, with a one-time payment, there is no auto-renew. If you want to extend your period, you can purchase another one.

30 days

On this option, you get access to the Premium features for a period of 30 days.
This is recommended for the groups that last for a party, a weekend, or vacation.

At the end of the period:


It is possible to be Premium for 60 days by purchasing two times 30 days.

For Life

Once you purchase "for life," you keep the benefits of Premium until you stop using this group.
This is the best option for all couples or roommates.

User Premium

You are able to purchase Premium for a connected user, giving access to those capabilities to all the groups of this user, on all their devices (Android, Apple and Web). A Sesterce account, associated to your email, is necessary to purchase this subscription.

The subscription is monthly, automatically renewed until cancellation from the Google Play Store.

You have the choice between a suscription only for your yourself (all your groups are premium, but only for you), or for all (all your groups are premium, and other members can also enjoy the benefits).

Android only

For now the purchase is only possible from an Android device, do not hesitate to let us know your interest to have this ability from your Apple devices.