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Different number of nights


Pierre, Sophie, and Thomas go on long weekends, but they do not stay the same number of nights in the accommodation rented for the occasion.

Pierre paid for the accommodation, $160 total, and he stays there for three days with Sophie, while Thomas only comes for two days.

Pierre will create an expense with the total price of the accommodation: $160, then select "Modify the shares." Pierre and Sophie will have three parts each (for three nights), and Thomas will have two parts (for two nights).

Pierre, Sophie, and Thomas can instantly know the amount to pay for each:

  • There are eight parts in all: three nights for Sophie, three nights for Pierre, two nights for Thomas (3 + 3 + 2)
  • The price per share is $20: $160/8
  • Pierre and Sophie's share are $60 each: 3 x $20
  • Thomas' share is $40: 2 x $20